Seriously, Obsessed.

Here we are at hump day, again. I am really looking forward to a full, fun weekend. Hope your week proceeds to be smooth sailing. Here are my favorites from the week.

Danny and I have been play board games a lot lately but we keep ending up playing Risk. We are on the look out for the new Oregon Trail board game but Target never has it in stock. This weekend we are having a potluck/game night and it should be super fun.

I have been loving a yogurt. (I know.) It’s called Noosa and it is soooo good. The coconut one to be particular. I like it with  fresh raspberries.

Processed with VSCO

Jason Aldean

Last Thursday, I went to a Secret! concert.  My friend won 4 tickets through a local country radio station. It was a really cool concept. No one had any idea who would be preform until the curtain lifted. Jason Aldean was the ShowStopper!!!

I  have been loving the following bands: Alabama Shakes. Seriously guys, listen and you’ll love them too!!!


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