The Lineup

Monday: Grilled salmon cobb salad

Tuesday: Chicken banh mi tacos

Wednesday: One-pot butter chicken

Thursday: Tomato, pesto and corn gnocchi

Friday: Pizza Night

Pizza and wing delivery from Barro’s.

Saturday Baking: Orange creamsicle cake

Last week:

Saturday: We had such a lazy day. We had a late lunch at Millie’s Cafe. It is authentic Puerto Rican food. I crave it all the time. My fav is a Jibarito; which is a pulled pork sandwich in between fried plantain. Also, if you come early enough they have pastries stuffed with guava and cream cheese, which are heaven!

Sunday : I worked all day and wanted a really simple dinner. Danny made salmon, corn and White Shell pasta! Over the last couple years Danny and I have been learning how to cook. We started with our favorite dishes and tried new things all the time. She don’t buy much processed foods or pre-made food but the white shells pasta is my jam. We have tried recreating it but it isn’t as


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