no plan, just recap

Week of August 1 – August 5

We had salmon and with the left overs we had salmon BLT’s, which were delish.

We ate out at Mucha Lucha taco shop. If your in Tempe, Arizona and craving legit Mexican food this is it!

We stared watching ‘American Horror Story’ and I get so scared, very easily. Danny says suspenseful not scary, but really good show.

I am reading ‘The Silkworm’ by Robert Galbraith. It is J K Rowling’s pseudo name. It is second in a sequel. It is moving a bit slowly halfway through but hoping it picks up.

Hope yout week is great



Last Week

Monday: Shortcut tandoori chicken

I don’t know why I choose grilling recipes so often but  I do. So, anyway I meant to marinade the chicken for a whole day, but I put in the fridge for… an hour. (same thing.) I then decided that I hate grilling the way Danny said is best. Something to do with a chimney. I cooked some sweet onions and zucchini in a cast iron and served naan bread. Garlic naan from whole foods 365. I need to calibrate my thermometer because I over cooked some of the chicken. The chicken  that wasn’t overdone was really good, even with short marinate time.

Tuesday: Sweet corn risotto with Cajun shrimp

Danny made this and it was delicious. The risotto was good and the shrimp was good but together, weird. He said that it was a little complicated due to the 4 separate pots and pans. But making it once, he mentioned that next time it will be easy. Also in the actual recipe, the butter doesn’t have a place but add it when you add the shallots and don’t do the shrimp first and set it aside. thats strange.

Wednesday: Phnon penh fried chicken tenders

Danny’s parents came over and we made this for them. Danny is much more adventurous than they are but the loved it! So instead of wings we did tenders instead because less bones, easier to eat, of course 🙂 As a side we did veg that I can’t remember and LOAF of Hawaiian sweet bread with good butter. so good!!

Thursday: Corn, bacon, and Parmesan pasta

Delicious. skip the scalllions.

Friday: Old Chicago with Haley and Kyle

Sunday:  Shrimp Kebabs with cilantro ginger aioli

This was delicious! We had a chill night, with a bottle of wine (Mark West Black Pinto Noir). I also got really fresh yellow pear tomatoes and cherry tomatoes to add to the kebabs. Also, fresh hot crusty bread! yum!


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