Seriously, Obsessed.

Here we are at hump day, again. I am really looking forward to a full, fun weekend. Hope your week proceeds to be smooth sailing. Here are my favorites from the week.

Danny and I have been play board games a lot lately but we keep ending up playing Risk. We are on the look out for the new Oregon Trail board game but Target never has it in stock. This weekend we are having a potluck/game night and it should be super fun.

I have been loving a yogurt. (I know.) It’s called Noosa and it is soooo good. The coconut one to be particular. I like it with  fresh raspberries.

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Jason Aldean

Last Thursday, I went to a Secret! concert.  My friend won 4 tickets through a local country radio station. It was a really cool concept. No one had any idea who would be preform until the curtain lifted. Jason Aldean was the ShowStopper!!!

I  have been loving the following bands: Alabama Shakes. Seriously guys, listen and you’ll love them too!!!


The Lineup

Monday: Grilled salmon cobb salad

Tuesday: Chicken banh mi tacos

Wednesday: One-pot butter chicken

Thursday: Tomato, pesto and corn gnocchi

Friday: Pizza Night

Pizza and wing delivery from Barro’s.

Saturday Baking: Orange creamsicle cake

Last week:

Saturday: We had such a lazy day. We had a late lunch at Millie’s Cafe. It is authentic Puerto Rican food. I crave it all the time. My fav is a Jibarito; which is a pulled pork sandwich in between fried plantain. Also, if you come early enough they have pastries stuffed with guava and cream cheese, which are heaven!

Sunday : I worked all day and wanted a really simple dinner. Danny made salmon, corn and White Shell pasta! Over the last couple years Danny and I have been learning how to cook. We started with our favorite dishes and tried new things all the time. She don’t buy much processed foods or pre-made food but the white shells pasta is my jam. We have tried recreating it but it isn’t as

seriously, obsessed.

On a week when I am very busy, yet nothing really has been accomplished I have been obsessed with little things. I hope you find yourselves with a midweek, 5 o’clock cocktail and a promise of Friday is only days away.

  • Zoe and Alfie  vlogs. When I am having a fairly anxious day watching these vlogs is very calming. Something about the positive, fun videos is just relaxing. Also, Zoe has anxiety and whenever my anxiety is terrible it is nice to know that I am not crazy, just having a moment.
  • Mojitos are my favorite summertime cocktails. I love the freshness of the mint. Also, Joy The Baker has a Kiwi Mojito that is super good but i use Kiwi Berries when they are in season.Speaking of the kiwi berries,  How Sweet It Is uses them in margaritas which gave me the idea to use them in ALL cocktails. HA.
  • Trader Joe’s Blueberry Waffles are really good dry, buttered, with peanut butter and fruit, Breakfast or lunch; really anytime. They are made with real fruit and the unopened boxes smell up my deep freezer. In a good way.
  • Covergirl TruBlend is so light weight but covers beautifully. I work in the kitchen of a restaurant for 6 to 12 hours a day and lasts pretty much all day; with help if primers and powders, of course.
  • “Vice” by Miranda Lambert. I love her and her songs.
  • At the end of this month I am going for a trip to Chicago to visit my step-dad’s awesome family and have been researching everything I need to eat, see and do.
  • Stranger Things. Danny and I finished this last weekend(?) and we are still discussing it. We got everyone at work to see it, so that we can discuss it with them too.
  • Danny and I started American Horror Story and I freaking love it.
  • The olympics just started and I am trilled. Gymnastics is my fav! I thought this was so cool from the New York Times about Simone Biles. The Ryan Lochte is pretty cool too.


Tonight we are going out for sushi with a bunch of our friends and some new people! Have a good rest of your week!

no plan, just recap

Week of August 1 – August 5

We had salmon and with the left overs we had salmon BLT’s, which were delish.

We ate out at Mucha Lucha taco shop. If your in Tempe, Arizona and craving legit Mexican food this is it!

We stared watching ‘American Horror Story’ and I get so scared, very easily. Danny says suspenseful not scary, but really good show.

I am reading ‘The Silkworm’ by Robert Galbraith. It is J K Rowling’s pseudo name. It is second in a sequel. It is moving a bit slowly halfway through but hoping it picks up.

Hope yout week is great



Last Week

Monday: Shortcut tandoori chicken

I don’t know why I choose grilling recipes so often but  I do. So, anyway I meant to marinade the chicken for a whole day, but I put in the fridge for… an hour. (same thing.) I then decided that I hate grilling the way Danny said is best. Something to do with a chimney. I cooked some sweet onions and zucchini in a cast iron and served naan bread. Garlic naan from whole foods 365. I need to calibrate my thermometer because I over cooked some of the chicken. The chicken  that wasn’t overdone was really good, even with short marinate time.

Tuesday: Sweet corn risotto with Cajun shrimp

Danny made this and it was delicious. The risotto was good and the shrimp was good but together, weird. He said that it was a little complicated due to the 4 separate pots and pans. But making it once, he mentioned that next time it will be easy. Also in the actual recipe, the butter doesn’t have a place but add it when you add the shallots and don’t do the shrimp first and set it aside. thats strange.

Wednesday: Phnon penh fried chicken tenders

Danny’s parents came over and we made this for them. Danny is much more adventurous than they are but the loved it! So instead of wings we did tenders instead because less bones, easier to eat, of course 🙂 As a side we did veg that I can’t remember and LOAF of Hawaiian sweet bread with good butter. so good!!

Thursday: Corn, bacon, and Parmesan pasta

Delicious. skip the scalllions.

Friday: Old Chicago with Haley and Kyle

Sunday:  Shrimp Kebabs with cilantro ginger aioli

This was delicious! We had a chill night, with a bottle of wine (Mark West Black Pinto Noir). I also got really fresh yellow pear tomatoes and cherry tomatoes to add to the kebabs. Also, fresh hot crusty bread! yum!

The List

Monday: Shortcut tandoori chicken with grilled zucchini and onions.

The recipe is originally from sunset magazine but this is the same recipe.                      ***I forgot about the whole marinating over night so it is only marinating for 3 hours. Also, I forgot the serrano.

Tuesday: Sweet corn risotto with cajun shrimp

Wednesday: Shrimp kebabs with cilantro garlic aioil

The recipe is originally from sunset magazine but this is the same recipe.               ***We are eating this with fresh, crusty bread and lots of white wine.

Thursday: Corn, bacon, and parmesan pasta


We have nothing planned. I am expecting something to be moved around and having family over one day or maybe we might see Ghostbusters.

Last Week

Sunday: Sambal chicken skewers with Spicy coconut noodles

This was my our first experience with sambal oelek, and it was really good with the chicken. Sambal chicken skewers were delicious but since I am still suck getting the hang of grilling I had to finish cooking them in the broiler. It worked. the spicy coconut noodles (also had the sambal oelek) had a really good flavor but may be better for us as rice? Not sure, but the coconut milk made them a little too slippery.

Monday: Grilled white pizza with escarole and fennel salad

Since my grilling didn’t get any better the next day (and the dough wasn’t as cold as it should have been) this sucked to grill. All the edges fell down into the fire. the edges that didn’t, didn’t cook all the way. I did like the part when you grate garlic into the two cheeses. (I didn’t grate it but push it through a garlic press.) I gave a nice strong but subtle (is that a thing?) flavor. The salad part. smh. I always thought that escarole is usually cooked down like most harsh greens but not this salad. I just went with it and added the salad on top of the janky pizza. I didn’t like this dinner. Danny did, but took off the salad.

Tuesday: Danny had steak and I had Amodos. (rolled tacos with guac and cheese)

Wednesday:  Hoisin barbecue pork sandwiches

This was super good and really easy. Definitely recommend using a baguette due to the chewiness of the bread. Don’t over cook the pork since they are really thin. I am so used to very thick bone-in pork chops, so these were sad in comparison but worked well. We served “Alexia Sweet potato fries”. (and then we went pokemon hunting)

Thursday: We had Cornish Pasty. He had peppered steak and I had rosemary chicken.

Friday: Phnom Penh (Cambodian) fried chicken wings with spicy brussel sprouts.

Saturday: Phnom Penh (Cambodian) fried chicken wings with sauted bok choy in sesame oil.

We loved this so much. Obviously, two days in a row, but seriously Danny wants it this week as well if his parents come over for dinner. Danny made it both times. we had rice both nights. Both nights we devoured “Strange Things”

Sunday: We had Four Peaks. He had a Fried chicken sandwich and I had fish and chips. We used to love Four Peaks but lately have been disappointed.

***somewhere during the week were supposed to make spicy shrimp and tomato ceviche but i couldn’t find aji amarillo paste (Peruvian yellow pepper paste) at the store and forgot to order it online. I still want to make it. someday.